Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

We had a PACKED summer (as usual)! It's hard to believe it's already come and gone. Abe got to experience so many fun things this summer, and he really made a lot of developmental strides. He's grown a few inches, promoted up to a new class at church, and has learned to put some phrases and (almost) sentences together. It's crazy how quickly kids grow, but it's so fun to watch. He's learned his shapes this summer and how to count to 10.

He had a few BIG firsts this summer - swimming in Granna & Papa's pool, watching fireworks, going to his first "big movie," and getting a new puppy!

Abe loves to ride in his "boat" in the pool with Daddy! 

4th OF JULY with Granna & Papa at Ham's Orchards
We had a BLAST at Ham's & then went back to Granna & Papa's house to swim, make cupcakes, eat pizza, & watch fireworks! 

Abe got to go to his first movie in a real theater! We saw Ice Age, and he really loved it! He did pretty well. Can't wait for the next trip to the movies with him! 

Our new puppy, Scout (who is MUCH bigger than this now!)
Abe was SO excited to get a new puppy - he really loves animals. She's gotten to be MUCH bigger than he is now, but they still love playing together. He calls her "Coutie Bebe." :) 

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