Monday, April 16, 2012

Ah-bi-ya! Ah-bi-yah!

So, for about 2 months Abe has been randomly saying this - "Ah-bi-yah! Ah-bi-yah!" We had no idea where it came from. We knew it wasn't something from Africa because he didn't start saying it until 2 months after being home. We wondered if he was trying to say something about me since my name is Abby? So weird!

Then last week Ben was driving around with Abe in the backseat and they were listening to some Ingrid of Abe's faves (I'm serious). They were listening to a song off her new album called "At the End of the World." When the chorus started, Abe immediately started saying "Ah-bi-yah! Ah-bi-yah!" in rhythm with "At the end of, at the end of...." AHA! Ben figured it out. He's been trying to sing that song! Hilarious. We have a musical it. Now he can sort of finish the chorus. We got a little video of him "singing" along with Ingrid.


We live right next door to a working "ranch." They have lots of cows, donkeys, goats, horses, etc. Often we can see the cows grazing near the field across from our house. In fact, one day not long after we moved into our house the fence that kept the cows on their side broke and the cows wandered all the way to our front yard. Ben was home and called to tell me about it. Hilarious! Poop everywhere! The Garland Police came out to help herd the cows back to their property. I'm sure that was a sight to see.

Anyway, when we first got home with Abe we took him over the see the cows and he was not impressed in the least. He's since learned more about animals and now loves talking about the cows. I took him to see them the other day and took a couple of photos and a video. Now he thinks every animal is either a cow or a dog. We're working on it. ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Abe is really vocal these days. He looooovvvveees to talk. (payback, my parents tell me) A lot of what he says is just gibberish with a few of his favorite or newest words thrown in, but it's hilarious to watch him carry on a "conversation." He's so animated and expressive. We love that about him. This kid is just full of JOY! I hope he never loses that.

Some of his favorite words (aside from Mommy & Daddy) are:
Beep Beep! (car)
Izzies (that's what he calls Izzie)
Mowf (mouth)
Uhr-cuh (Circle - we're working on shapes right now)
Ba-lu (blue)
Oggy (doggy)
Mok (milk or walk depending on the circumstance)
Ank Oon (thank you)

I love hearing him try new words and whipping out words he's heard us say. This morning during breakfast he told me he was "messy." :) I just love his little high-pitched voice. Especially when he says "ank oon, Mommy!" Melts my heart. And he's learned what that means now...he'll say it on his own when I help him with something or when I give him something. Love it. Sweet boy.

It's baseball season again, and we of course have to teach Abe about the Rangers. Ben was leading the music for our church's Good Friday service during the opening game, so I sat with Abe and taught him a little about baseball. ;) He learned to say, "GO VAYN-JEHS!" (Go Rangers!) He loved pretending to pitch when the pitchers would throw the ball, and he would get really excited when the batter hit the ball. It was fun to watch his eyes light up. He has a Rangers Captain pillow pet that we've trotted out in honor of baseball season, and he loves it! The other day Daddy strapped it on Abe, and we had a lot of laughs! Here are a few pictures. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a busy March, and April is looking to be just as busy...but FUN! It's been really fun experiencing Spring with Abe. Here are just a few highlights.

We had so much fun riding in the cart with Daddy while he played! Abe got a little lesson from Daddy too. :) The weather was perfect. Can't wait for the next time!

We met my parents for dinner one night and walked around the Harbor before and afterward. Abe still calls every body of water "bathtime." Pretty funny. He's enamored with water and "wimming." It was fun to show him the fountains and the boats.

We seriously have the best students on the planet. They love Abe, and he loves them! Thanks for setting such a great example for our little boy!